Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Fun

Our Christmas season was a blast! We spent Christmas Eve Eve with the Barkers, Uncle Chris, and Bubba at Longhorn Steakhouse--tradition! Christmas Eve day we were with Uncle Scott and his family from Columbus and they joined us for the Apex Christmas Eve service, and Christmas day was busy busy! We began the day at our home, just the three of us. Reagan woke up rather late and when she came downstairs she saw one of her presents already set up...a baby doll stroller! After the dolly stroller was discovered we had cinnamon rolls for breakfast and read the story of Jesus' birth from Reagan's story book Bible (thanks to Aunt Kendall). We opened presents at home and then headed to my parents' home in Beavercreek for a few hours of Christmas.

We enjoyed sticky buns, appetizers, punch, coffee, wassail, and of course...visiting with Mike and Maggie who flew in from Boston Christmas morning. After the family reflected on the Christmas song, O Holy Night, and a time of prayer, we opened stockings and presents. Very fun!

A few hours later we headed for Michigan to spend time with Jason's side of the family. It was the smoothest drive to Michigan we've ever had. No construction, no traffic, great weather, and a pretty happy 14 month old all made for a trip made in 4 hours rather than the usual 5 hours. We spent time with Mema, Mike, LaRae and had a good time of catch up while we waited for Phil, Amber, Gibson, and Maya to join us the next day. That evening we read the Christmas story (KJV style) and reflected on Jesus' birth, followed by presents. Reagan didn't sleep very well in Mi, so her attitude was lacking a certain usual charm. Nevertheless, it was a good night.

The next day we enjoyed time with the fam and got ready for the Wing Family Christmas with about 45 family members, hosted by Jeff and Cathy Rider. Whoa was that crowded but so great! I can't imagine what the next few years will bring as the family continues to expand with children! So...that's our Christmas story this year--next year Gideon will be a 10 month old, Reagan will be 2 and 2 months old, and we'll have our little nephew from Ethiopia with us as well. O Come, O Come 2009.

And I'll end with this--Mike and Mags joined us yesterday morning for breakfast from Cracker Barrel. They bought us the goodies and came over to our home. We had great conversation and it was so wonderful to catch up with them. I miss them being close in proximity, but I know we're still close even though they live in Boston. Maggie and I went shopping yesterday and boy did I luck out with maternity clothes! Money from family and M&M deciding to treat me to some extra clothes really helped as I was in desperate need of clothes, especially jeans. Thanks M&M! :) And thanks to all who have read this very long blog.

Thursday, December 25, 2008


Jason gave me a laptop this morning! YES!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Too Long

Merry Christmas!  I'm sorry for the long delay in posting...it's been hectic!

Here's the latest from our little corner of the world...
  • Jason having a sinus infection/cold for a few weeks
  • Jason preaching a wonderful sermon on John 1:1-18 this past weeked at Apex
  • Reagan having a double ear infection and sinus infection
  • Reagan on antibiotics!
  • Bubba and Uncle Chris coming to Dayton
  • Gideon growing like a weed, a cute and handsome weed
  • FREEZING weather, thankfully the temps are rising and the ice on the inside of our windows is beginning to melt
  • Christmas gifts being purchased, wrapped, making the bottom of our tree look pretty
  • Laundry, packing, and house cleaning begins today to make for a smooth trip to MI Christmas afternoon day
  • Looking forward to a nice day with Reagan at home as she's recovering
  • Looking forward to Longhorn with the Barkers, Hamiltons, Bubba, and UC tonight, Christmas Eve day meal tomorrow, Christmas Eve service, Christmas Day!
  • Looking forward to seeing our snow-soaked Mike and Maggie for a few hours Christmas day
  • Christmas get together with the Wings on the 27th in Flint-town!
  • Looking forward to not getting any more germs over the holidays.  Enough is enough!
  • Hopefully some quality time with M&M before they head home
  • Merry Christmas to all!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

I know I just posted this morning, but this needs to be read...

Phil and Amber are at a wedding this morning and we are watching Gib and Maya! We're having a blast so far. It's snowing pretty hard outside and we're cozy watching The Incredibles. Right before I put the dvd in, Gib and I had a small conversation that went like this:

Gibson: Oh no, where is uncle JJ going?

Me: He’s going upstairs, he needs to lay down for 15 minutes because he has a headache.

Gibson: Oh, when I get bigger, I’m gonna marry Haven and grow bigger and bigger and sometimes when I sleep I’m gonna have a bad headache.

Me: You’re gonna marry Haven?

Gibson: Uh-huh, and my headache is gonna eat you. Let’s watch a movie!


We went to Pennsylvania for Thanksgiving this year. It was a very quick trip but worth the long drive. We spent time with Uncle Al, who opened his home to us--and who's very proud of his refinished bathroom. We spent Thanksgiving meal with Uncle Al, Grandma and Grandpa at their retirement home in Myerstown. It was wonderful to be with them and see them with Reagan. On Friday we spent some time with Aunt Janet before we headed home. And on our way back to Dayton we stopped to see one of my dearest college friends, Gretchen! Looking forward to next year. (Reagan's cute outfit is from Uncle Mike and Aunt Maggie).

Monday, December 1, 2008

Pics from the Rockies!

Yikes! This past week was nuts...in a good way. Jason and I came home from Denver last Sunday and three days later we packed up and headed for Pennsylvania. And this time, Reagan came with us, no more traveling without her for a long time! I have lots of details to share from our Thanksgiving trip to PA, but I can't get ahead of the events. Here are some Denver pics, I will never forget the beauty of Colorado.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Rockies Rock

Jason and I have enjoyed being together in Denver, Colorado these last 48 hours. We are here celebrating the marriage of Josh and Emily Radcliffe, now husband and wife! Jason did an awesome job officiating the ceremony today. It was so neat that all of the Wings were here, minus Reagan, of course. (Thanks to Mom and Dad and Becca for watching her while Jason and I are here!) Phil led worship, Amber was a beautiful bridesmaid, Gibson was the ringbearer, and Maya was one of the flower girls. It was a gorgeous day for a gorgeous wedding. Yesterday, however, was just as awesome for Jason and I. We ran some errands in the morning and decided to drive into the Rocky Mountains. We just kind of headed their direction and ended up in the beautiful snow capped mountains. We were well over 10,000 feet above sea level and it was truly amazing. We drove through the curvy roads in silence for a while, just looking at all the trees and at what was ahead of us. We talked a bit and then listened to "Beautiful" by Phil Wickham. How appropriate! I'll never forget yesterday and the mountains God created for his glory and for our enjoyment. We wil be back someday with Reagan and Gideon, and maybe any other children God blesses us with. We are thankful for this trip we've had together, though! No matter how grand these mountains, we're ready to be with our Reagan.

Monday, November 17, 2008

What if I just want to?

Well just like I had the "hurry up, autumn" syndrome, I now have the "hurry up, Christmas" syndrome. I'm really thinking about putting up our Christmas tree this week before we head for Denver. I know I'm crazy for thinking that--I have not the time for such things. But I can't help it, I love Christmas. (How cute are these two from last Christmas?)
This upcoming Thursday will be bittersweet for us. Jason and I will be going to Denver for a wedding Jason is officiating! However, our little Reagan will be staying back in Dayton. My parents will be watching her for us while we're in Denver for the weekend. I'm not going to do well saying goodbye to my little one--I'm dreading Thursday, yet I'm so ready for time with Jason. We'll enjoy his last few days of sabbatical together focusing on our marriage and what the future holds for us in the areas of family, work, and the holidays.

Looking forward to: Quads on Wednesday night, Denver on Thursday, the wedding on Saturday, seeing Reagan again on Sunday, watching more West Wing (whenever the dvd is returned to the library so we can borrow it, immediately), going to Pennsylvania to spend Thanksgiving with my grandparents and Uncle Al, watching more West Wing, Recipe Club, West Wing...and Mike and Maggie coming back for Joey and Jenny's wedding!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

This is how we do it...

Jason and I have been enjoying his sabbatical...many good talks, lots of play time together with Reagan, and lots of watching episodes of the first season of The West Wing. It all started a few weeks ago when the Bravo channel was playing lots of episodes of the West Wing. Jason said, "I think I could really get into this show, can we start watching the first season together?" That was music to my ears! What could be better than watching my favorite show and hearing Jason say he wants to join me...at the beginning! I wonder if that's how Jason would feel if I said I'd want to watch football with him. Something to think about--but not too seriously.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

A few more...and some personal growth

This week has been a whirlwind! I do apologize for not keeping up my blog as much as I could...but we all know what craziness is like. Jason has been on his sabatical for the past week and a half. He's been so helpful when he's able to be around...most of the time he's working on his papers for seminary. Thankfully, two are finished and he has one more to go. Then he'll be caught up with the rest of his class. I will say the Lord has been growing us in uncomfortable ways during this break. It's almost as if the time of rest and renewal we were supposed to enjoy was eaten up by arguing and miscommunication. The Lord has shown me how important it is to first of all, NOT have expectations, and second, to not hold him to those expectations that I haven't even informed him of. He's had his share of struggles which he'd admit--but the Lord laid our time of frustration aside Wednesday night. I had just finished sharing with my quad girls all that had been going on when Jason called me and asked me to meet him on the back porch. After working at Apex with his quad guys, he picked up some beautiful roses and brought them to me! We had a good time of hugging and I of course cried. Side note--the Lord has been confirming in my heart that it's OK to share what I struggle with...in moderation of course. Sometimes it's tough being a pastor's wife because there's this expectation (probably self-induced), that our marriages should be without blemish. So I tend to clam up when I need to ask for prayer the most. I do thank God for the girls in my quad and also for Amy who's been very encouraging. Back to the main thought--it was just so nice to receive beautiful flowers the minute after I shared what was on my heart. I feel like God showed me that it's ok to share struggles and ask for prayer among believing women...and then He rewarded me with flowers from Jason and an awesome remainder of our week. So now it's Sunday and I've written a novel...I'm very excited to see what the rest of this sabatical has for us.
Looking forward to: going to Bath and Body Works today, watching more West Wing episodes with Jason, dentist appointment tomorrow (seriously, I love going to the dentist), Ikea trip with Amy and Traci, check up for Gideon, house church Thanksgiving meal, hanging out with fellow stay at home moms while Jason works on his paper.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Wing Family Pictures

Here are some of our Wing family pictures that Amy McSwegin took for us a few days ago. Thanks, Amy!

Monday, November 3, 2008

And he shall be named...

Gideon Justus Wing

After many weeks of knowing we're having a son but not knowing what name to call him, we finally decided. There's much relief now that we've made the decision and we're both very excited to meet our Gideon in under 16 weeks!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

And She's Off...

Reagan has officially become a big girl--she's walking! Sept. 19 she took her first steps, three actually. After a month of hanging on to our hands, the walls, any and all objects, and taking a few on her own (no more than three or four), she exceeded the expectations. She was at Mom and Dad's tonight while Jason and I were with our HC's Halloween "outreach" if you will, and she decided to walk all over the place. Once we arrived to pick her up we checked it out ourselves and she really, really did great! She just kept going from person to person, laughing the entire time. It was an awesome night for such a great memory. Now she's up in her crib, sleeping soundly due to all her walking, and Jason and I will finish our night together watching tv and reading Consumer Reports.

**October 30th will always be a special day because it was three years ago today that Jason baptized me, and now our daughter is walking...October is a sweet month**

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Perfect Sunday

Today was great...a beautiful sunny day with Jason and Reagan. We went to the Walnut Hills park up the street and over one more and got lots of pics. I have to say I have loved this day.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Birthday, Birthday Party, and Sweetest Day

Our baby girl turned one year old yesterday! Her party was today and we have lots of pics to show for it. I will admit I'm overjoyed that Reagan is one...but I'm also sad because I'm realizing how fast life is actually flying by. Especially since she's reached all sorts of milestones lately. Here are some pics to enjoy...she did a great job with her cupcake and received so many books, toys, and sippy cups to entertain. We are so grateful for all our friends and family that helped make today so fun.

And not only was today Reagan's party, but it was also Sweetest Day. Last year we were in the hospital, recovering from Reagan's birth. Jason brought me beautiful lilies, my favorite flower, and he brought Reagan a single lily...how appropriate! Anyways, as we were running around the house getting things in place for the big shin dig today, Jason marches in the living room with presents for me! What is this?!? He had a big Charlotte Russe bag and an Old Navy bag. He knows I was in need of winter boots with no high heels, appropriate for pregnancy and holding a one year old among snow and ice. So, he picked up a pair of black and brown boots for me from Charlotte Russe. Also, I needed a maternity coat for this winter since I'll have a huge belly by the time the dead of winter is upon us. So out comes a maternity overcoat from Old Navy! I also was graced with a pair of maternity khakis that were on clearance. Unfortunately they don't fit--so they will go back. But anyways, what a surprise this was! Jason's always good at surprising me, one of his finest qualities of our dating era I admit. And he found money in our account to somehow hide from me and surprise me on Sweetest Day. More to come on Reagan's gifts in the next few days...

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Here he is!

Here's our baby boy!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

And It's A...


Yesterday Jason and I saw that we are not only the parents of a beautiful baby girl, but also...a strapping young boy! I'm officially 20 weeks pregnant today and are very excited to have a daughter and a son. :) Our due date is still March 5, but since we're having a C-section we'll have our baby boy at the end of February. We've reached the halfway point and are overjoyed to have a wingman even out our family. Now, to only land on a name...

Monday, October 13, 2008

Where to Begin...

Removing cereal boxes cause it's fun

Mommy's little helper

No words for this cuteness

Sorry for the delay in posting. Reagan has been keeping my very busy these days! She's taken her first steps, learned how to pull herself up on anything (including her crib rails when she doesn't want to get to sleep--like last night), does her funky monkey crawl, and is interested in eating, a lot! Perhaps a growth spurt? Her temperment is usually very pleasant, especially around people other than her parents. But I feel lately she's been extra cranky and has a small fit when she doesn't get her way. I'm trying to figure out when she's just being a one year old who doesn't understand most of life, or if she is displaying behavior that needs actual correction. So, here we go--parenting just got a bit tougher. However, my pregnancy hormones are in FULL, dramatic, cry-at-the-drop-of-an-anything, swing. So maybe things are just fine and I'm over-reacting.

Our little one has surely been a joy to us--can't believe she's turning one on Friday! Time truly does fly when you have children. By the way, we find out tomorrow at 1:00 if we're having a son or daughter. I've been feeling this baby move much more these past two days...always an encouraging milestone. Before I get going, here's what we're most looking forward to:

  • tomorrow's ultrasound!

  • big house church gathering on Wednesday

  • date night on Thurs.

  • planning for Reagan's birthday party

  • Reagan's birthday on Friday!

  • Her party on Saturday!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Thank You!

Phew! Thanks to all of you who helped me get on track to affordable meal planning! I'm so grateful for all the advice offered and all the websites thrown out there for me to visit. I have a lot to think about! Better to have a lot to look at and sift through than not enough...

Looking forward to getting together with Kate next week to discuss more about meal planning in greater detail. Amber and I were just talking last week about how difficult it is to plan healthy meals on tight budgets, God has answered yet another prayer of mine...seeking to be a virtuous woman who is thrifty.

Lots going on this weekend: family night at home (finally!), wedding tomorrow at 4, nursery duty at 5:30 at Apex, birthday party at 7:30, Jason working on Sunday, maybe getting together with the Ham fam at some point, it's been over a week!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Meal Planning Advice

Hey faithful readers...I'm asking for your advice...

In January, Jason and I decided to adopt the "envelope budget system." It brings so much freedom because we know how much we can spend each month and when the envelope gets low--that's it. No more till the first of the month, no matter what. So anyways, the biggest point of tension/conflict/frustration/confusion for us is how I'm so bad at keeping money in our grocery envelope. Grocery prices are going up so much--even storebrand foods/products (which I buy when possible). All that to say...could you point me in the direction of a website or blog or something that helps with meal planning? On a small budget? Like, really small?

Any tips or words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, girls!

2 weeks and 5 days...

...till we find out if we're having a boy or girl! I start my 18th week tomorrow and am so excited about finding out this baby's gender.

Also looking forward to: heading to MI for Jason's dad's retirement party, Jason's day off on Monday, Recipe Club Tuesday night, big HC meeting on Wed., Fall weather approaching!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Shaken by Theology

Well, this humble, soft spoken, very wise man came to Apex to share his thoughts on many things Theology and it's got me asking lots of questions. The staff, elders, and leaders of Apex and their spouses were encouraged to sit in on several sessions from Thursday-Saturday of this week. I was able to be there for a few sessions...not really knowing what to expect, but quickly enjoyed what I was hearing and learning, making me eager for more teaching. Anyways...I have lots to think through and read up on. I know I have a family full of Theology/solid teaching background, and a hubby in seminary who's wise even without having his Masters, but I want to do this for myself this time. Tonight, I'm reading up on the End Times and I have a feeling I'm in for quite a shake up. But I think it's gonna be good...

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Thanks, Ike

Well, the winds from Hurricane Ike have reached Ohio. In fact, they reached Dayton, Belmont, Epworth Ave., and our tree...which tumbled onto Kendall's fence and garage. Ahh, Ike.

So Funny!

For a great laugh, please visit my brother's blog and read "Open Mic". He teaches Literature at a charter school in Boston and had a hilarious encounter with a very confused student...Enjoy!


Saturday, September 13, 2008

Reagan's Big Deals

This week has been a big week for us! Little Reagan has shocked me with developmental skills, organizational skills, and her lack of whining skill...
Kristi Rogers came over on Wednesday and was playing on the floor with Reagan. Kristi's Starbucks mug was very enticing to Reagan and as soon as Reagan got in her funky crawling position I said, "Yeah--she gets all ready to crawl and then she leans back down on her little butt." Well I spoke too soon because Reagan not only stayed in the funky crawling formation, but she started towards the mug! She did this several times and we were so excited! I admit I shed a few tears of joy and happiness for her. Jason and I were starting to get worried about her lower back, hip, and leg development since it was taking her so long to figure out crawling and even dragged her left leg when she walked. But the walking is perfect now (while gripping our fingers for security), and while her crawling is awkward, the doc. said it's nothing to be concerned about! Phew! Thanks, Kristi, for being around for such a momentous occasion!


Next skill: Reagan organizing her fruity cheerios. I put a pile of fruity cheerios on her tray the other morning like I always do. She loves to look at them then stuff them in her mouth but that morning she had other things on her cheerio agenda. I left the kitchen, probably to blow my nose for the thousandth time that morning, and returned to a tray organized by color. She put all the red ones together, grouped the purples together, and was eating the green ones. Maybe this is normal for an almost 11 month old...but it did surprise me!

Final skill worth noting: Yesterday marked the fourth day Reagan had a stuffy, runny nose. Her temp wasn't very high but she had one. I thought it might be a good idea to get her looked at by our pediatrition before the weekend came just in case an infection developed over the weekend. After some nasty sneezes which revealed a bright green infection, I was glad the appointment was already scheduled. Jason and I took her to the doc. and we learned little Reagan has a double ear infection. Which brings me to her skill worth mentioning, she acted totally normal these past four days, just had a runny nose! No whining, no crying (except for bed and nap times), walking like crazy, crawling for the first time...So--deal is sealed, when Reagan has a slight symptom of a cold or flu--to the doc. she goes. I was the opposite. I'd make up symptoms and always dramatized my slight ailment just to get attention and get out of school. Thank goodness Reagan has Jason's, "I'll suck it up and go on with my life, in fact--can I go organize some cheerios, please?" gene.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

9/11 Remembered

Today is the seven year anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, The Pentagon, and the failed attempt to destroy the Capital. We remember those who died in NY, Washington D.C., and Shanksville, PA. As Jason and I watched all the tributes to those who died this morning on tv we were gripped with many emotions, mostly anger towards the terrorists who planned and performed those attacks. We watched MSNBC, who I usually can't stand with their left-wing reporting, and I was so thankful to see them re-running actual footage of 9/11 seven years ago. There weren't any commercials during the program, just Katie Couric hosting her show with many news contributers speculating as to who did this and what else would be to come. So, thanks MSNBC for taking off your liberal hats this morning and playing the footage of 9/11 uninterupted.
Lots of emotions are in all of us today. I'm especially aware of those who have family members serving in the Military, state-side or overseas, those who lost family during the attacks, veterans, and politicians. Election Day is quickly approaching and today is a wonderful reminder of how strong America has remained with George Bush as our President. So many measures were taken to prevent another attack on our country--and I'm grateful to him. (Now here I go, unashamedly, thanking conservatives and Republicans). Thank you for understanding we want our borders closed to terrorists who currently have easy access as illegal immigrants. We value our safety rather than hurting potential terrorists' feelings by keeping them out of America. And we encourage you to keep up your fight against liberals who embrace the idea of a failed mission in Iraq (John Murtha, Barack Obama, Robert Byrd, Nancy Pelosi). I feel that so many have forgotten what really happened, who attacked us, why we were attacked, and how we can fight against this in the future. I'm terrified of what may happen to our country if a Democrat is elected into the White House this November--Obama has repeatedly defended his postitions on his friendship with terrorist William Ayers, and has agreed to meeting with leaders of countries like N. Korea and Iran with no pre-conditions or caveats. One thing is for sure: if Obama is elected, I'm glad our military is wise enough to advise him otherwise, and handle his short-comings as he blindly hands our heads over to terrorists on a silver platter.
Many say today is not a day to politicize 9/11 and the tragedy it became. I feel that it's a time to reflect and hope for a future with no such catastrophe to be repeated. It comes down to who will best lead our nation among those who seek to destroy her--and I thank my fellow Republican congressmen and women, local state representatives, my family who has served in our Air Force and Army, and those who want to see a war hero become our next President.
Thanks for reading this--I admit I'm an emotional, pregnant, conservative, biased citizen who is at times very dramatic. Sorry for the drama, but not really. Above are pictures of troops serving in the Middle East, and a picture of the Pentagon Memorial, honoring the 184 who died seven years ago today.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Italian Festival

My first Sfingi!

I like chocolate chips, Mama!

Tonight was quite the night! Jason, Reagan, and I met my mom and Lisa J. at the Italian Festival. I have been looking forward to this festival since New Years day--it's one of the highlights of my year. Not kidding. The festival has three great things: Italians, food, and music. When we arrived we noticed how uncrowded it was--it's usually packed and you have to wait in line at least 20 minutes for one item of food. We decided to go the last day of the festival from here on out since parking and lines weren't an issue. Italian music was playing, the smell of garlic was in the air, and everyone was just happy (probably from all the beer they were drinking). Since this only happens once a year let me tell you about all the food we inhaled. I had a muffaletta sandwich, half of a calzone, half of a sfingi (imagine a thick funnel cake, but better), and a canoli. Yum! Reagan decided to be daring and tried a chocolate chip tonight. Well then she had all the chocolate chips off my canoli because she liked them so much. And Jason kept it well within reason, only eating half of Lisa's Italian sausage, and a meatball sandwich. My only disappointment was that there was no coffee. Coffee is very Italian, at least espresso is--but nada. I'm looking forward to next year--we'll be toting around two little ones in a double stroller, expanding our Italian family...even though our last name is very, very Asian.