Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Too Long

Merry Christmas!  I'm sorry for the long delay in posting...it's been hectic!

Here's the latest from our little corner of the world...
  • Jason having a sinus infection/cold for a few weeks
  • Jason preaching a wonderful sermon on John 1:1-18 this past weeked at Apex
  • Reagan having a double ear infection and sinus infection
  • Reagan on antibiotics!
  • Bubba and Uncle Chris coming to Dayton
  • Gideon growing like a weed, a cute and handsome weed
  • FREEZING weather, thankfully the temps are rising and the ice on the inside of our windows is beginning to melt
  • Christmas gifts being purchased, wrapped, making the bottom of our tree look pretty
  • Laundry, packing, and house cleaning begins today to make for a smooth trip to MI Christmas afternoon day
  • Looking forward to a nice day with Reagan at home as she's recovering
  • Looking forward to Longhorn with the Barkers, Hamiltons, Bubba, and UC tonight, Christmas Eve day meal tomorrow, Christmas Eve service, Christmas Day!
  • Looking forward to seeing our snow-soaked Mike and Maggie for a few hours Christmas day
  • Christmas get together with the Wings on the 27th in Flint-town!
  • Looking forward to not getting any more germs over the holidays.  Enough is enough!
  • Hopefully some quality time with M&M before they head home
  • Merry Christmas to all!

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