Saturday, July 19, 2008

HamFam Reunion

A few days after we found out we were prego, we packed up and headed to Blythewood, South Carolina! Uncle Henry (my Dad's brother) and Aunt Bonita live in a beautiful home in the woods and it was the perfect place for all the cousins to rendevoux. Anyways, Jason, Reagan, and I caravanned with my parents and sister to SC and met up with Mike and Maggie an hour away from Uncle Henry and Aunt Bonita's house at Cracker Barrel--our family favorite. Here are some pics of a wonderful Hamilton Family (HamFam) Reunion.

More pics and posts from the beach to come...

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

We Three Wings...Are Now Four!

Yes! As you can imagine by the title and the picture of the three pregnancy tests above, we are expecting Wing baby number two! We found out about 2 1/2 weeks ago...and the story goes like this: It was a nice, beautiful, sunny, Sunday afternoon and I had this suspicion that something was different. I had a feeling for a few days that something was at work--but waited until that Sunday to actually ask Jason to pick up a pregnancy test on his way home from the Apex building. So he agreed and went to Dollar General to pick up a test. The clerks suggested he get two since they were $1 each...just in case one was defunct. So I drank up and took the two $1 tests. The tests came back negative after 30 seconds. So I left the bathroom sad yet totally ok with the negative tests. After letting Jason know it was a no go I made some coffee and did some kitchen cleaning. I went back to the bathroom to throw the tests away and saw the shock of a lifetime...the positive lines had become clear. Panic immediately set in. I yelled from the bathroom to Jason in the kitchen, "Oh my word, I am NOT even kidding!" "What", Jason replied, with doubt and excitement in his voice. "The lines are here, both tests, they're there. Oh my gosh--I'm pregnant. I'm so pregnant!" So after we pondered two positive tests for 45 minutes, we decided me taking a more reliable, expensive test would be a good idea. So Jason headed to CVS to pick up a $8 test. He was so distracted by the idea of another baby on the way that he drove to the gas station instead, got out, realized he was NOT at CVS, then went to get the test. Needless to say, the third test was positive right away and we prepared ourselves for another Winglet! I'll be honest in that I was very scared and nervous, and somewhat selfish the first day or two. Thinking about raising two little ones almost 18 months apart really intimidated me. But the Lord really encouraged me because I know He wasn't surprised by this and He reminds me always that I have such supportive friends and family nearby. So...Jason's ecstatic, I'm excited now, and Reagan is still clueless but really cute. We are officially 7 weeks pregnant, and we can expect this baby to arrive March 7, 2009.
A few days later, we went to South Carolina for 10 days and I'll have more to post on that in a few. I thought I'd post in order of events and the pregnancy news preceeded SC. So yes, here we come--all four of us. Here's a picture of us with baby #2 at Garden City Beach, SC.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A moment to brag

I just need a brief moment to brag on Reagan. It's been crazy around our house these past few days and with all the excitement of vacation, packing, unexpected joys, and whatnots--Reagan has been in a constant state of bliss. It's been delightful! She has learned how to wave repeatedly, and clap when we ask her to, put her arms up when we say, "up!", and gets so excited when we say, "let's go see the duckies!" It really has been so great. I must say parenting has become much easier the older Reagan gets. OK--thanks for that moment of bragging.

Tomorrow morning at oh, 7:15am we are leaving for South Carolina. We are going to spend a few days at Aunt Bonita and Uncle Henry's house for a humungo Hamilton Family Reunion (dearly nicknamed "Hamfam"). All the cousins and their little ones will be there, with their spouses and baby on board, and Mike and Maggie will join us all the way from Boston! Looking forward to the Ham Fam talent show in which a Flight of the Conchords song will surely be performed. You tube them if you can--Flight of the Conchords--Jenny. You won't regret it and you'll laugh hysterically! I digress. Then my parents, Becca, Jason, Reagan, and I will head to S. Myrtle Beach and meet up with the Barkers. I'll post pics and share how things are going. This is a much needed vacation for everyone. I'm so thankful God has provided us with a wonderful family we can enjoy. More to come...