Friday, October 3, 2008

Thank You!

Phew! Thanks to all of you who helped me get on track to affordable meal planning! I'm so grateful for all the advice offered and all the websites thrown out there for me to visit. I have a lot to think about! Better to have a lot to look at and sift through than not enough...

Looking forward to getting together with Kate next week to discuss more about meal planning in greater detail. Amber and I were just talking last week about how difficult it is to plan healthy meals on tight budgets, God has answered yet another prayer of mine...seeking to be a virtuous woman who is thrifty.

Lots going on this weekend: family night at home (finally!), wedding tomorrow at 4, nursery duty at 5:30 at Apex, birthday party at 7:30, Jason working on Sunday, maybe getting together with the Ham fam at some point, it's been over a week!

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