Thursday, September 25, 2008

Meal Planning Advice

Hey faithful readers...I'm asking for your advice...

In January, Jason and I decided to adopt the "envelope budget system." It brings so much freedom because we know how much we can spend each month and when the envelope gets low--that's it. No more till the first of the month, no matter what. So anyways, the biggest point of tension/conflict/frustration/confusion for us is how I'm so bad at keeping money in our grocery envelope. Grocery prices are going up so much--even storebrand foods/products (which I buy when possible). All that to say...could you point me in the direction of a website or blog or something that helps with meal planning? On a small budget? Like, really small?

Any tips or words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, girls!

2 weeks and 5 days...

...till we find out if we're having a boy or girl! I start my 18th week tomorrow and am so excited about finding out this baby's gender.

Also looking forward to: heading to MI for Jason's dad's retirement party, Jason's day off on Monday, Recipe Club Tuesday night, big HC meeting on Wed., Fall weather approaching!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Shaken by Theology

Well, this humble, soft spoken, very wise man came to Apex to share his thoughts on many things Theology and it's got me asking lots of questions. The staff, elders, and leaders of Apex and their spouses were encouraged to sit in on several sessions from Thursday-Saturday of this week. I was able to be there for a few sessions...not really knowing what to expect, but quickly enjoyed what I was hearing and learning, making me eager for more teaching. Anyways...I have lots to think through and read up on. I know I have a family full of Theology/solid teaching background, and a hubby in seminary who's wise even without having his Masters, but I want to do this for myself this time. Tonight, I'm reading up on the End Times and I have a feeling I'm in for quite a shake up. But I think it's gonna be good...

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Thanks, Ike

Well, the winds from Hurricane Ike have reached Ohio. In fact, they reached Dayton, Belmont, Epworth Ave., and our tree...which tumbled onto Kendall's fence and garage. Ahh, Ike.

So Funny!

For a great laugh, please visit my brother's blog and read "Open Mic". He teaches Literature at a charter school in Boston and had a hilarious encounter with a very confused student...Enjoy!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Reagan's Big Deals

This week has been a big week for us! Little Reagan has shocked me with developmental skills, organizational skills, and her lack of whining skill...
Kristi Rogers came over on Wednesday and was playing on the floor with Reagan. Kristi's Starbucks mug was very enticing to Reagan and as soon as Reagan got in her funky crawling position I said, "Yeah--she gets all ready to crawl and then she leans back down on her little butt." Well I spoke too soon because Reagan not only stayed in the funky crawling formation, but she started towards the mug! She did this several times and we were so excited! I admit I shed a few tears of joy and happiness for her. Jason and I were starting to get worried about her lower back, hip, and leg development since it was taking her so long to figure out crawling and even dragged her left leg when she walked. But the walking is perfect now (while gripping our fingers for security), and while her crawling is awkward, the doc. said it's nothing to be concerned about! Phew! Thanks, Kristi, for being around for such a momentous occasion!


Next skill: Reagan organizing her fruity cheerios. I put a pile of fruity cheerios on her tray the other morning like I always do. She loves to look at them then stuff them in her mouth but that morning she had other things on her cheerio agenda. I left the kitchen, probably to blow my nose for the thousandth time that morning, and returned to a tray organized by color. She put all the red ones together, grouped the purples together, and was eating the green ones. Maybe this is normal for an almost 11 month old...but it did surprise me!

Final skill worth noting: Yesterday marked the fourth day Reagan had a stuffy, runny nose. Her temp wasn't very high but she had one. I thought it might be a good idea to get her looked at by our pediatrition before the weekend came just in case an infection developed over the weekend. After some nasty sneezes which revealed a bright green infection, I was glad the appointment was already scheduled. Jason and I took her to the doc. and we learned little Reagan has a double ear infection. Which brings me to her skill worth mentioning, she acted totally normal these past four days, just had a runny nose! No whining, no crying (except for bed and nap times), walking like crazy, crawling for the first time...So--deal is sealed, when Reagan has a slight symptom of a cold or flu--to the doc. she goes. I was the opposite. I'd make up symptoms and always dramatized my slight ailment just to get attention and get out of school. Thank goodness Reagan has Jason's, "I'll suck it up and go on with my life, in fact--can I go organize some cheerios, please?" gene.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

9/11 Remembered

Today is the seven year anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, The Pentagon, and the failed attempt to destroy the Capital. We remember those who died in NY, Washington D.C., and Shanksville, PA. As Jason and I watched all the tributes to those who died this morning on tv we were gripped with many emotions, mostly anger towards the terrorists who planned and performed those attacks. We watched MSNBC, who I usually can't stand with their left-wing reporting, and I was so thankful to see them re-running actual footage of 9/11 seven years ago. There weren't any commercials during the program, just Katie Couric hosting her show with many news contributers speculating as to who did this and what else would be to come. So, thanks MSNBC for taking off your liberal hats this morning and playing the footage of 9/11 uninterupted.
Lots of emotions are in all of us today. I'm especially aware of those who have family members serving in the Military, state-side or overseas, those who lost family during the attacks, veterans, and politicians. Election Day is quickly approaching and today is a wonderful reminder of how strong America has remained with George Bush as our President. So many measures were taken to prevent another attack on our country--and I'm grateful to him. (Now here I go, unashamedly, thanking conservatives and Republicans). Thank you for understanding we want our borders closed to terrorists who currently have easy access as illegal immigrants. We value our safety rather than hurting potential terrorists' feelings by keeping them out of America. And we encourage you to keep up your fight against liberals who embrace the idea of a failed mission in Iraq (John Murtha, Barack Obama, Robert Byrd, Nancy Pelosi). I feel that so many have forgotten what really happened, who attacked us, why we were attacked, and how we can fight against this in the future. I'm terrified of what may happen to our country if a Democrat is elected into the White House this November--Obama has repeatedly defended his postitions on his friendship with terrorist William Ayers, and has agreed to meeting with leaders of countries like N. Korea and Iran with no pre-conditions or caveats. One thing is for sure: if Obama is elected, I'm glad our military is wise enough to advise him otherwise, and handle his short-comings as he blindly hands our heads over to terrorists on a silver platter.
Many say today is not a day to politicize 9/11 and the tragedy it became. I feel that it's a time to reflect and hope for a future with no such catastrophe to be repeated. It comes down to who will best lead our nation among those who seek to destroy her--and I thank my fellow Republican congressmen and women, local state representatives, my family who has served in our Air Force and Army, and those who want to see a war hero become our next President.
Thanks for reading this--I admit I'm an emotional, pregnant, conservative, biased citizen who is at times very dramatic. Sorry for the drama, but not really. Above are pictures of troops serving in the Middle East, and a picture of the Pentagon Memorial, honoring the 184 who died seven years ago today.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Italian Festival

My first Sfingi!

I like chocolate chips, Mama!

Tonight was quite the night! Jason, Reagan, and I met my mom and Lisa J. at the Italian Festival. I have been looking forward to this festival since New Years day--it's one of the highlights of my year. Not kidding. The festival has three great things: Italians, food, and music. When we arrived we noticed how uncrowded it was--it's usually packed and you have to wait in line at least 20 minutes for one item of food. We decided to go the last day of the festival from here on out since parking and lines weren't an issue. Italian music was playing, the smell of garlic was in the air, and everyone was just happy (probably from all the beer they were drinking). Since this only happens once a year let me tell you about all the food we inhaled. I had a muffaletta sandwich, half of a calzone, half of a sfingi (imagine a thick funnel cake, but better), and a canoli. Yum! Reagan decided to be daring and tried a chocolate chip tonight. Well then she had all the chocolate chips off my canoli because she liked them so much. And Jason kept it well within reason, only eating half of Lisa's Italian sausage, and a meatball sandwich. My only disappointment was that there was no coffee. Coffee is very Italian, at least espresso is--but nada. I'm looking forward to next year--we'll be toting around two little ones in a double stroller, expanding our Italian family...even though our last name is very, very Asian.

Saturday, September 6, 2008


Here are some pics to recap the past few weeks. They've been full of fun! We also celebrated Maya's second birthday, had Jason's parents come to visit for Maya's party, had an awesome time at house church, and are loving that my second trimester is here. Gone with the nasties, here with the fun!
Playtime with Dada
Reagan and Uncle Chris

Look at this smile!
Walking with Pops
Eating wears me out!

Historical moment captured!
Jeff, Mike, and Joey watching Aaron and Kimmy as man and wife

Maggie rocking her niece to sleep


Friday, September 5, 2008

I promise

Hey all! It's been a while since I've updated. It's pretty late but since I have a new background dedicated to Fall and it's sunflowers, I thought I should say a quick hello. Pics are coming, family updates are coming, and sleep is coming. I'll post tomorrow.