Monday, December 1, 2008

Pics from the Rockies!

Yikes! This past week was a good way. Jason and I came home from Denver last Sunday and three days later we packed up and headed for Pennsylvania. And this time, Reagan came with us, no more traveling without her for a long time! I have lots of details to share from our Thanksgiving trip to PA, but I can't get ahead of the events. Here are some Denver pics, I will never forget the beauty of Colorado.


lydia said...

Rach! You look gorgeous! I can't tell you are pregnant in any of these pics, so you'll need to post a belly pic soon~:-)
Can't wait to hear how it went in PA. Love you!

Traci Nelms said...

Great pictures! So, I really need to learn how to jazz up my blog. I'm totally loving your new background. Very festive. I've been pretty "blah" lately in many things, so this inspires me! Must get festive, must get festive!

Anonymous said...

i love these pictures!! your hair looks really good in all these photos too! :)

hope you guys had a great thanksgiving!