Saturday, November 22, 2008

Rockies Rock

Jason and I have enjoyed being together in Denver, Colorado these last 48 hours. We are here celebrating the marriage of Josh and Emily Radcliffe, now husband and wife! Jason did an awesome job officiating the ceremony today. It was so neat that all of the Wings were here, minus Reagan, of course. (Thanks to Mom and Dad and Becca for watching her while Jason and I are here!) Phil led worship, Amber was a beautiful bridesmaid, Gibson was the ringbearer, and Maya was one of the flower girls. It was a gorgeous day for a gorgeous wedding. Yesterday, however, was just as awesome for Jason and I. We ran some errands in the morning and decided to drive into the Rocky Mountains. We just kind of headed their direction and ended up in the beautiful snow capped mountains. We were well over 10,000 feet above sea level and it was truly amazing. We drove through the curvy roads in silence for a while, just looking at all the trees and at what was ahead of us. We talked a bit and then listened to "Beautiful" by Phil Wickham. How appropriate! I'll never forget yesterday and the mountains God created for his glory and for our enjoyment. We wil be back someday with Reagan and Gideon, and maybe any other children God blesses us with. We are thankful for this trip we've had together, though! No matter how grand these mountains, we're ready to be with our Reagan.


the clemensuz said...

How wonderful that you had an impromptu trip into the Rockies! Drew and I drove (and camped) around CO for 10 days last was amazing, you guys should definitely go back! Glad you've had a good time.

Shiny said...

That's so awesome you got to experience the mountains! I am from Oregon and your photo of the Mountains is what I've grown up seeing my whole life! =o)I have a lot of family in Denver and lived there for 6 months about 6 years ago. I LOVE the mountains, the evergreen trees, rivers and streams everywhere - ahh, it makes me home sick! How can anyone deny God's exsistance when you witness that beauty, am I right?

Ham said...

Know what's better than the Rockies? 3.5 days with Reagan!