Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Nothing Short of a Miracle

This is amazing! I'll be holding back tears as I type...

This morning as I was changing and dressing little Reagan for the day, Jason came in her bedroom and asked me, "Babe, have you seen this?" I turned around and saw the envelope he was holding out to me. "What, a bill?" "Nope--it's a money order." I said, "What's a money order?" "Babe, someone gave us $540 and they have a note that says, 'for your zofran.'" "WHAT?!?!"

The envelope had no return address on it and the money order had no name of the sender. I made sure Reagan was safe and started tearing up...so thankful that God has once again provided money for us when we least expect it and certainly don't deserve it! The three of us prayed together, thanking God for His unending mercy and love for us. I have my suspicions of who the generous giver(s) are, and they have been quite sneaky. So if you're reading this blog, please know that you have come along side us when we need it the most. Having nausea all the time can be draining on a marriage and home life because nothing gets done around the house and tensions can rise because I'm always on the verge of sickness. So thank you for offering not only physical relief to me, but marital relief as well. Not to mention, I'll be a much better parent to Reagan, having more energy, being able to play more, etc. because of your generosity. Zofran is very expensive and worth every cent because it truly is a miracle drug. We we weren't planning on me taking it anymore--and we were ok with that! Yet you decided to open your heart and your checkbook to make me feel better--something I'm so not deserving of! Thank you so much, whoever you are. There's no way you can know how much you've blessed us.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Michelle My Belle

As you all know, I graduated with my degree in Political Science. I love the ins and outs of politics, government, and all the good and bad it brings. The time for the Democratic National Convention has come upon us, again, and Michelle "my belle" Obama (as Rush Limbaugh lovingly calls her) is speaking about her beloved husband. Allow me to step out of my mommy shell and be over-opinionated:

My main issue with democrats, while I have too many to count, is that they are pro-choice. Life is not trivial enough for a woman to decipher--like democrats claim. Life is ordained by God no matter how faithful or how despicable the woman carrying the baby may be. So the one thing I keep repeating to myself is: how can Michelle, My Belle be so proud of herself as a mother when she is pro-let the mom decide if she should murder her baby? I'll never understand this, just as democrats will never understand the issue of the sanctity of life--a topic which sides are polar opposite and will remain so, unfortunately. Back to my main question--Michelle, My Belle, can you really be proud of yourself when you're ok with deciding who should live and who shouldn't? How can you sleep at night knowing your husband is ok with letting babies die who have been the victims of a) abortion and b) have survived it?

I most certainly am not proud of politicians who sign legislation allowing infants to die because they survived an abortion, infact they repulse me. And it scares me to death that one such legislator is headed for the White House. Those walls are too strong and pure for anyone with such disgusting views. For belonging to a party who loves health care for all humans, how about rethinking giving health care to the most innocent of all, infants who didn't choose to be murdered, but survived?

Michelle, my Belle, while Republicans and Democrats have their many wrongs, your party and husband are taking our country to the lowest of the lows.

And Donald Miller, I'm all about prayer and interceeding for fellow Christ followers and those who have yet to know Him. But you have a lot of explaining to do for supporting a party who supports abortion and supports a presidential candidate who allows botched abortion survivors to die with no care. You have disappointed me.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

It's been a long time comin'...

Well this morning we woke to quite an adventure. I noticed an unusual sound of water rippling in our basement. Odd--since it hadn't rained in a while, therefore meriting no expected basement leaks. So I braved it...went to the basement and stepped with caution. I peered around the corner to our storage and laundry area and saw water leaking from under our water heater. We had a slow and steady leak for a many months, but we never took it seriously. Well now we did. The bottom of our water heater had completely rusted away and water was going straight through. Thank goodness our basement is slanted and the water streamed right into our drain--phew! So we ended up asking our friends Devin and Bethany and their 9 week old stud of a baby, Jonas, to come over and give us their opinion since they just had the same thing happen to them. And Devin said we were due for a new one. Jason came home from Apex, was the most amazing help, encourager, supporter, and husband to me because he took Reagan with him to Lowes to buy a replacement. I have really been battling nausea today and needed to lie down for a long time. So Devin helped Jason and Reagan pick out a water heater and they all came back to dismantle the old and attach the new...which took many many hours. But in the end, we're doing well with a nice new water heater which we can take advantage of tomorrow. Most of all, I'm thankful we could hang out with Devin, Bethany, and Jonas--quite spontaneously. Most fascinating part of this whole ordeal: within three minutes of our old water heater being in the back yard by our trash can, someone took it for gold. What a lovely part of living in Belmont, one man's junk is another man's surprsing treasure...

Jason and I are watching Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. I'm amazed at the make up jobs the artists did on the orks. So ugly yet so remarkable! Well I'm off to eat something light before I head to bed. P.S., the closing ceremony of the Olympics were breathtaking!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Da da da da....Here Comes the Food Poisoning

Just to give an update on yesterday's craziness...after having a terrible bout of vomiting and other unsightly issues, I'm on the fast track to recovery. After date night this past Thursday night, I noticed I was unusually queasy. I had lots of races against my puke to the toilet all through the night and by 4:45am was scared that I couldn't even keep water or my own saliva in my stomach. I called the OB doctor on call to let her know I was getting dehydrated and was worried about the baby not getting any nutrition from me. She said it was ok and to wait through Friday to see how it was. That was a dumb and non-sufficient answer for me. So after more of the vomiting and such by 9am yesterday, I called my family doctor and was encouraged to go to the ER. If I wasn't pregnant it wouldn't have been a big deal, but since it had been a long time since I'd kept anything in my stomach, the baby wasn't getting enough of anything healthy. Mom came over to watch Reagan for the day (and what a Godsend she is) and Jason and I went to the ER. After lots of waiting we were seen and I was pumped up with 2 litres of IV fluid and phenergan (which turned me into a zombie). But it was nice to get lots of rest, I'll admit. The baby is doing great with a strong heartbeat of 160! What a relief! This baby is a trooper. After we were released from the hospital, and after a few more bouts of nausea, I headed to my parents' house with Reagan while Jason headed off to Columbus for his seminary class. Today will be spent relaxing, trying to hydrate myself, and regaining strength. OH, and here's the explanation of the title of this blog: at least 12 people have food poisoning from a wedding this past Sunday. I didn't know this but sometimes food poisoning can stay in your system for up to two weeks before it kicks in. So, thanks for the lovely wedding and the gift that was given to the guests in return. Actually, the bride even got sick (or so I heard), which will make quite a memory. Thanks to all who prayed for me and offered to help out--your prayers have been heard because the Lord has taken away most of my illness!

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Well Monday afternoon I decided to go get my eyes examined. For the past several months I've noticed my eyesight digressing when I read something up close...computer work and books mainly being the victim of the blurriness. So off to Lenscrafters to fill out a ton of paperwork I went. Ends up...I have astigmatism in my left eye and needed correction in both eyes, each lens being different strengths. I kinda just thought I was overreacting or just having a hard time focusing...but much to my relief, I wasn't freaking myself out because I really had a problem. So now I have fun red-framed glasses for working on the computer and reading. Tada. Problem easily solved. I don't have a picture yet, so maybe I'll post one when I don't feel so dorky. Tired am I, so to bed I go.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Finally, South Carolina

July 2-12 were wonderful because we were out of Dayton, the muggy, boring city that it is. We were in South Carolina, surrounded by Southern drawls and precious memories. After our few days spent with the Ham Fam, we went to Surfside Beach, SC (only 12 miles S. of Myrtle Beach). It's not so "touristy", and it's friendly to calm, peace-seeking vacationers. Mom and Dad rented a condo at Maritime Place, the same Condo building they rented from three years ago where Jason and I got engaged. It was so great to be back where we said, "I love you" for the first time and had our very first kiss! And who knew we'd have a 9 month old and another baby on the way...not us! Totally not in our plans to have two children already, but God is way better at planning than we are, so we surrender! We shared the week with our dear friends, the Barkers. Sun-worshipping, wave-riding, reading, swimming, napping, eating out, and Dutch Blitz turned our week together into a wonderful time of memories. Not to mention, Mike and Maggie joined us unexpectedly and stayed a few days before trekking back to Boston. And of course, having a 9 month old with us had it's joys and setbacks. But most of all, it was great to be with everyone who we hold so dear to us.
"Daddy, look over there!"

Maggie and Reagan

"I'm the #1 swimmer!"

Same place we got engaged

Splish splash family

Jason and Reagan

Toes in the sand

Mike, Maggie, Becca, me, Jason, and Reagan

Mom, me, Maggie, and Becca

Same place we had pictures taken after our engagement three summers ago...

Mike and Dad

Me and Reagan

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Another Detour

I know I'm supposed to be updating about SC, over a month ago--but I have been distracted by two pictures. One was from a year ago when I was pregnant with Reagan, and the other was taken by Amber last week while we were on family vacation in Michigan...fun and worthy of posting:

More to come soon, really.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Real Quick

I know this post is supposed to be all about the beach vacation we took a month ago...but I have to interject with this great picture of Gibson, Maya, and Reagan Wing. Amy McSwegin, one of the greatest photograpers I've ever encountered, is also a good friend and she sent me this picture today. Had to post...

...so the next few posts will be about the beach, then the Michigan vacation we're leaving for tomorrow morning. So much laundry and packing to do. OK--back to work.