Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Fun

Our Christmas season was a blast! We spent Christmas Eve Eve with the Barkers, Uncle Chris, and Bubba at Longhorn Steakhouse--tradition! Christmas Eve day we were with Uncle Scott and his family from Columbus and they joined us for the Apex Christmas Eve service, and Christmas day was busy busy! We began the day at our home, just the three of us. Reagan woke up rather late and when she came downstairs she saw one of her presents already set up...a baby doll stroller! After the dolly stroller was discovered we had cinnamon rolls for breakfast and read the story of Jesus' birth from Reagan's story book Bible (thanks to Aunt Kendall). We opened presents at home and then headed to my parents' home in Beavercreek for a few hours of Christmas.

We enjoyed sticky buns, appetizers, punch, coffee, wassail, and of course...visiting with Mike and Maggie who flew in from Boston Christmas morning. After the family reflected on the Christmas song, O Holy Night, and a time of prayer, we opened stockings and presents. Very fun!

A few hours later we headed for Michigan to spend time with Jason's side of the family. It was the smoothest drive to Michigan we've ever had. No construction, no traffic, great weather, and a pretty happy 14 month old all made for a trip made in 4 hours rather than the usual 5 hours. We spent time with Mema, Mike, LaRae and had a good time of catch up while we waited for Phil, Amber, Gibson, and Maya to join us the next day. That evening we read the Christmas story (KJV style) and reflected on Jesus' birth, followed by presents. Reagan didn't sleep very well in Mi, so her attitude was lacking a certain usual charm. Nevertheless, it was a good night.

The next day we enjoyed time with the fam and got ready for the Wing Family Christmas with about 45 family members, hosted by Jeff and Cathy Rider. Whoa was that crowded but so great! I can't imagine what the next few years will bring as the family continues to expand with children! So...that's our Christmas story this year--next year Gideon will be a 10 month old, Reagan will be 2 and 2 months old, and we'll have our little nephew from Ethiopia with us as well. O Come, O Come 2009.

And I'll end with this--Mike and Mags joined us yesterday morning for breakfast from Cracker Barrel. They bought us the goodies and came over to our home. We had great conversation and it was so wonderful to catch up with them. I miss them being close in proximity, but I know we're still close even though they live in Boston. Maggie and I went shopping yesterday and boy did I luck out with maternity clothes! Money from family and M&M deciding to treat me to some extra clothes really helped as I was in desperate need of clothes, especially jeans. Thanks M&M! :) And thanks to all who have read this very long blog.

Thursday, December 25, 2008


Jason gave me a laptop this morning! YES!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Too Long

Merry Christmas!  I'm sorry for the long delay in posting...it's been hectic!

Here's the latest from our little corner of the world...
  • Jason having a sinus infection/cold for a few weeks
  • Jason preaching a wonderful sermon on John 1:1-18 this past weeked at Apex
  • Reagan having a double ear infection and sinus infection
  • Reagan on antibiotics!
  • Bubba and Uncle Chris coming to Dayton
  • Gideon growing like a weed, a cute and handsome weed
  • FREEZING weather, thankfully the temps are rising and the ice on the inside of our windows is beginning to melt
  • Christmas gifts being purchased, wrapped, making the bottom of our tree look pretty
  • Laundry, packing, and house cleaning begins today to make for a smooth trip to MI Christmas afternoon day
  • Looking forward to a nice day with Reagan at home as she's recovering
  • Looking forward to Longhorn with the Barkers, Hamiltons, Bubba, and UC tonight, Christmas Eve day meal tomorrow, Christmas Eve service, Christmas Day!
  • Looking forward to seeing our snow-soaked Mike and Maggie for a few hours Christmas day
  • Christmas get together with the Wings on the 27th in Flint-town!
  • Looking forward to not getting any more germs over the holidays.  Enough is enough!
  • Hopefully some quality time with M&M before they head home
  • Merry Christmas to all!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

I know I just posted this morning, but this needs to be read...

Phil and Amber are at a wedding this morning and we are watching Gib and Maya! We're having a blast so far. It's snowing pretty hard outside and we're cozy watching The Incredibles. Right before I put the dvd in, Gib and I had a small conversation that went like this:

Gibson: Oh no, where is uncle JJ going?

Me: He’s going upstairs, he needs to lay down for 15 minutes because he has a headache.

Gibson: Oh, when I get bigger, I’m gonna marry Haven and grow bigger and bigger and sometimes when I sleep I’m gonna have a bad headache.

Me: You’re gonna marry Haven?

Gibson: Uh-huh, and my headache is gonna eat you. Let’s watch a movie!


We went to Pennsylvania for Thanksgiving this year. It was a very quick trip but worth the long drive. We spent time with Uncle Al, who opened his home to us--and who's very proud of his refinished bathroom. We spent Thanksgiving meal with Uncle Al, Grandma and Grandpa at their retirement home in Myerstown. It was wonderful to be with them and see them with Reagan. On Friday we spent some time with Aunt Janet before we headed home. And on our way back to Dayton we stopped to see one of my dearest college friends, Gretchen! Looking forward to next year. (Reagan's cute outfit is from Uncle Mike and Aunt Maggie).

Monday, December 1, 2008

Pics from the Rockies!

Yikes! This past week was nuts...in a good way. Jason and I came home from Denver last Sunday and three days later we packed up and headed for Pennsylvania. And this time, Reagan came with us, no more traveling without her for a long time! I have lots of details to share from our Thanksgiving trip to PA, but I can't get ahead of the events. Here are some Denver pics, I will never forget the beauty of Colorado.