Monday, August 25, 2008

Michelle My Belle

As you all know, I graduated with my degree in Political Science. I love the ins and outs of politics, government, and all the good and bad it brings. The time for the Democratic National Convention has come upon us, again, and Michelle "my belle" Obama (as Rush Limbaugh lovingly calls her) is speaking about her beloved husband. Allow me to step out of my mommy shell and be over-opinionated:

My main issue with democrats, while I have too many to count, is that they are pro-choice. Life is not trivial enough for a woman to decipher--like democrats claim. Life is ordained by God no matter how faithful or how despicable the woman carrying the baby may be. So the one thing I keep repeating to myself is: how can Michelle, My Belle be so proud of herself as a mother when she is pro-let the mom decide if she should murder her baby? I'll never understand this, just as democrats will never understand the issue of the sanctity of life--a topic which sides are polar opposite and will remain so, unfortunately. Back to my main question--Michelle, My Belle, can you really be proud of yourself when you're ok with deciding who should live and who shouldn't? How can you sleep at night knowing your husband is ok with letting babies die who have been the victims of a) abortion and b) have survived it?

I most certainly am not proud of politicians who sign legislation allowing infants to die because they survived an abortion, infact they repulse me. And it scares me to death that one such legislator is headed for the White House. Those walls are too strong and pure for anyone with such disgusting views. For belonging to a party who loves health care for all humans, how about rethinking giving health care to the most innocent of all, infants who didn't choose to be murdered, but survived?

Michelle, my Belle, while Republicans and Democrats have their many wrongs, your party and husband are taking our country to the lowest of the lows.

And Donald Miller, I'm all about prayer and interceeding for fellow Christ followers and those who have yet to know Him. But you have a lot of explaining to do for supporting a party who supports abortion and supports a presidential candidate who allows botched abortion survivors to die with no care. You have disappointed me.


Mags said...

Yeah Rach!! It's good to hear your sass back! I couldn't agree more.

Joel said...

Hey Rachel, it's good to see your political side every once in a while. I know a lot of "social justice" Christians think we've gone on too long about the sanctity of life and choosing sides in the matter when there are homeless people starving and without health care while soldiers are fighting wars in foreign lands, but you are correct. The sanctity of life is worth fighting for. Jesus came to bring life and life abundantly - those children will never know that life, or maybe for the brief 45 minutes they are alive after a botched abortion.

Who will be their advocate if we are not? (and I've read a bunch on D. Miller today and have to agree with you -- it is disconcerting at the very least.)

Stacie said...

From Donald Miller's blog:
I was honored to deliver the closing prayer at the DNC on Monday night. Evangelical voices have been scarce within this party, perhaps since the Carter administration. But as strides are being made on key issues of sanctity of life and social justice, as well as peaceful solutions to world conflicts, more and more evangelicals are taking a closer look at options certain members of the Democratic Party are beginning to deliver. There is a long way to go, but sending a message to Washington that no single party has the Christian community in their pocket, thus causing each party to carefully consider the issues most important to us, is, in my opinion, a positive evolution. I am glad that, for the most part, the dialogue has been constructive and positive. Will you join me in keeping the conversation thoughtful and not reactionary?

Thought you might want to know, in his own words, what he had to say about the opportunity. Thoughtful and not reactionary...a good way to look forward as we head towards November.