Saturday, August 23, 2008

Da da da da....Here Comes the Food Poisoning

Just to give an update on yesterday's craziness...after having a terrible bout of vomiting and other unsightly issues, I'm on the fast track to recovery. After date night this past Thursday night, I noticed I was unusually queasy. I had lots of races against my puke to the toilet all through the night and by 4:45am was scared that I couldn't even keep water or my own saliva in my stomach. I called the OB doctor on call to let her know I was getting dehydrated and was worried about the baby not getting any nutrition from me. She said it was ok and to wait through Friday to see how it was. That was a dumb and non-sufficient answer for me. So after more of the vomiting and such by 9am yesterday, I called my family doctor and was encouraged to go to the ER. If I wasn't pregnant it wouldn't have been a big deal, but since it had been a long time since I'd kept anything in my stomach, the baby wasn't getting enough of anything healthy. Mom came over to watch Reagan for the day (and what a Godsend she is) and Jason and I went to the ER. After lots of waiting we were seen and I was pumped up with 2 litres of IV fluid and phenergan (which turned me into a zombie). But it was nice to get lots of rest, I'll admit. The baby is doing great with a strong heartbeat of 160! What a relief! This baby is a trooper. After we were released from the hospital, and after a few more bouts of nausea, I headed to my parents' house with Reagan while Jason headed off to Columbus for his seminary class. Today will be spent relaxing, trying to hydrate myself, and regaining strength. OH, and here's the explanation of the title of this blog: at least 12 people have food poisoning from a wedding this past Sunday. I didn't know this but sometimes food poisoning can stay in your system for up to two weeks before it kicks in. So, thanks for the lovely wedding and the gift that was given to the guests in return. Actually, the bride even got sick (or so I heard), which will make quite a memory. Thanks to all who prayed for me and offered to help out--your prayers have been heard because the Lord has taken away most of my illness!


Mags said...

I am sooo glad you are feeling better. Mike and I have been praying:) That little winglet you have keeping residence in you is a real trooper! Just like it's Mama:) We love you!

Amber said...

Praise the Lord you are feeling better! We have been praying like crazy over here :)

Matt and Traci said...

Sorry you were so sick. I completely empathize. I had f.p. when I was 16 weeks pregnant. Some friends and I all ended up pretty ill from it. I was scared too but the OB reassured me that all was well. Thankfully, you're feeling much better now. Hope to see you soon. :)) Traci