Thursday, August 21, 2008


Well Monday afternoon I decided to go get my eyes examined. For the past several months I've noticed my eyesight digressing when I read something up work and books mainly being the victim of the blurriness. So off to Lenscrafters to fill out a ton of paperwork I went. Ends up...I have astigmatism in my left eye and needed correction in both eyes, each lens being different strengths. I kinda just thought I was overreacting or just having a hard time focusing...but much to my relief, I wasn't freaking myself out because I really had a problem. So now I have fun red-framed glasses for working on the computer and reading. Tada. Problem easily solved. I don't have a picture yet, so maybe I'll post one when I don't feel so dorky. Tired am I, so to bed I go.

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Mags said...

RED glasses! You sassy chick! I can't wait to see them:) Thanks for the call yesterday, you brightened my day so much! Talk to you later