Monday, January 19, 2009

Update on Gideon

Wow...two blogs posts in one day! This morning I had a Dr. appt. with my OB, whom I love dearly, and we discussed some things. Turns out the date of Gideon's c-section (Feb. 25) puts Gideon at 38 weeks and 6 days gestation. Miami Valley Hospital has a rule against doing C-sections before a baby is officially 39 weeks old. So, in order to avoid a possible repromand, we may push the C-section back a day to the 26th. However, since Dr. Sanford leaves for vacation that day, I may be with a different OB from the practice. And I'm ok with that, but my preference would be to have Dr. Sanford do it since she did such a great job with Reagan. And she's a perfectionist...just the type of person I want doing anything surgical on me. Ya know?

So as of now his arrival date is still the 25th. Also, according to his last ultrasound taken two weeks ago, his measurments bump his due date up from March 5 (orignal due date) to Feb. 23! He's a big, big boy! And if the theories prove correctly in that daughters usually take after their mother's birth patterns, Gideon will be born early. For example--I was born 7 days late and my brother was born 12 days early. Reagan was born 5 days late, maybe Gideon will be born early?

Although there are lots of unknowns right now, I have to say I'm very excited. Gideon's room has been cleaned out, his crib is up (still need to buy a mattress for him), and painting is next. Reagan has been such a joy this week--a little babbler who tells you what she thinks anytime you ask her, or don't ask her, all with a very serious look on her face. :) My children are a blessing, I can't wait to hold them both at the same time...and that will be Feb. 25th or 26th. And either day is perfect.

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Amber said...

Wow, I can't believe it's getting so close! I am going to sort through clothes this week for you!