Friday, January 16, 2009

Let's Grow, Reagan, Let's Grow!

Reagan had her 15 month well-baby check up today. She's doing great!

Her verbal/communication skills continue to be ahead of the game...which is great--I'm conversing with a one year old!

Her weight however, is seriously lacking. She continues to decline in the percentiles...only in the 5th percentile this time. But I was encouraged to add Pediasure to her selection of daily beverages as well as no more whole milk mixed with chocolate. It's all whole milk with chocolate syrup from now on to increase her calorie intake. She's supposed to eat high calorie meals like mac & cheese, but she already does that. I guess now that she's walking she's "workin' out" a lot more than I up goes the calorie count. Her height is fine, a little under the 50th percentile, and you guessed it--her head is still above the 90th percentile.

Reagan was breech for a long time in utero...which we're discovering could pose some major problems for her down the road. Because she was breech for a while her hip sockets may not have developed properly, so she'll be getting an x-ray done next week just to make sure everything looks ok. If anything does go wrong, I'm sure we can work on it now rather than prepare her for hip replacements when she's 35 or 40. Geesh, who knew breech positioning could be so complicated?? All of this came to light because she's had a hard time learning how to lay down. She just learned two nights ago...we're not sure why the delay, so Deb, our nurse practitioner, suggested said x-rays. I'm sure it will all work out! And to top off the Dr. visit, she got four immunizations today. Poor baby!

Say a prayer for us, we're having car troubles--Lina the Lumina won't start. Battery's great, but maybe the alternator's busted? Jason was awesome and transfered the carseat to his car (in zero degree weather). He may be bumming rides for a while so I can have the car with the car seat. Always something with the least we have cars!

I'll end on a good note: praise God for the 150 people who survived yesterday's landing in the Hudson River, for good friends going to Zambia to serve the Lord, for friends coming over for fellowship tonight, a wonderful family, for a great and healthy marriage that gets better with each new challenge, for a warm home, and a comfy bed, a son joining us in 40 days, and finally, for a good cup of coffee.

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Traci said...

Once again Isaac thinks he is Reagan! He keeps saying, I-kak! I'm glad your visit went well, and I hope you get some positive answers for the x-ray. Yes, you do have MUCH to be thankful for; what a nice list! I, too am thankful for my hot coffee in my 'bucks thermos!!!