Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Our Little Man, Gideon!

We had a second ultrasound today to check out Gideon's heart, brain, and spine. We didn't get a good look the first time because he was too active. Today we learned he definitely is a boy and are proud to announce some of his statistics!
  • Due Date: March 5
  • Date of C-section: February 25
  • Starts his 33rd week inside Mommy tomorrow (Wed.)
  • Estimated weight as of today's ultrasound: 4lbs. 8oz.
  • Growth percentile as of today: 62nd
  • Heart rate: 145 beats per minute
  • Head down, face down...prime positioning for a normal birth, but no chance! :)
  • And unlike his big sister, he'll have hair when he's born!
Sucking his thumb

Pointing his warrior-like left index finger


Amber said...

oh i LOVE it!

Tricia said...

How funny would it be if he was born with more hair than Reagan has now? :) We will probably have the same thing with Isaac. I love the cue ball look though! Glad you are both doing well!

Lisa said...

I think he will be a leader! Love the pointing finger.