Friday, July 2, 2010

Boston...from forever ago

May 11-15 I had the pleasure of going to Boston, MA to visit my brother, sister-in-law, and sweet nephew, Jonah. I have to say it's the most wonderful city I've ever visited. All the history, Italian food, and the granite curbs impressed me the most. Since I am an early American history-lover, Boston has become a treasured city and a place I must visit often. Here are some pics from the trip. Mike and Maggie, your hospitality will never be forgotten--I can't thank you enough for all the good times and for sharing your dear son with me. **Maggie Hamilton is an established tour guide so any and all questions can be directed to her.**

The Hamilton Family

Boston, come and get us!

"Make Way for Ducklings" statues were built just for us to take this picture. Sister, brother, and tired nephew.

To be read before entering the cemetery where Revere, Franklin, and Mother Goose (to name a few) have been laid to rest.

In place of a sidewalk slab, this says no buildings or signs may obstruct the view from this place as the Old North Church is clearly seen from here. Two lanterns were hung to tell Paul Revere that the Brits were coming..."One if by land, two if by sea."

And there she is, the Old North Church (in mega zoom) from the above picture.

The site of the Boston Massacre. The very site! A little overwhelming.

An odd picture, but the ivory colored roof is actually the bottom of the balcony the U.S. Constitution was read from for Bostonians to hear for the very first time after it was signed in Philadelphia.

And we got hungry, so little Italy, also called the North End, took great care of us.

Michael and Jonah boy
(not sure why this is in link type)

Maybe he had some gas?

He's so happy with his mama!

My favorite picture. A statue of Paul Revere in front of the Old North Church where two lanterns were hung to warn of the British coming to invade, where resistance met them at Lexington & Concord, MA.

There are still gatherings held here each week, although it's livlihood for Christ is dull.

For all my Arminian friends with terrible theology, here's your boy, Wesley. :)

We sat in Paul Revere's son's Old North Church booth.

There it is! The actual site of the lanterns. I get chills every time I see this.

And maybe we were tired after all the site-seeing. Maggie doubled up.

He's the cutest little Bostonian.

Nothing could have ended our wonderful day like canolis from Mike's Pastries. They overnight ship their goods, maybe an order needs to be in the works...
More pics to come at a later date--this was just day two of four. It was the greatest get a way. Thanks, J and Mom, for making this trip happen.


Amber said...

so glad you had such a fun trip! boston looks amazing. love the new fun, summery background too :)

Traci said...

Yea for Boston! I knew you would L.O.V.E. it! The pictures are great, and Jonah is perhaps the world's cutest baby! He is a doll!