Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Spring Pics

This Spring (almost Summer) has been so great! God has blessed us with wonderful weather and we've enjoyed being outside A LOT! Mom and Dad had a pool put in last Fall and now that the weather is oh-so-warm, we're visiting their pool about 4 times a week. Mom, Dad, and Becca have put up with me and the kids and we're thankful for their hospitality, food, and pool! Below are pics of Jason and Reagan playing at a park, Memorial day fun with our cousins from Columbus, a visit from Aunt Maggie, and a summer night in Grammy and Pops' back yard. And some of the best news of the Spring (which unfortunately we can't post pics of, yet) is the news that Phil and Amber got their referral and are waiting for their seven month old son to join them from Ethiopia! Once he's officially their baby I'll post pics of him and let you know his name and all that. Praise the Lord for growing our family!

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Lisa said...

Precious pics. Love having you all over often. What do I have to do to get Jason in the pool? Maybe a competitive game of pool vollyball.