Saturday, September 6, 2008


Here are some pics to recap the past few weeks. They've been full of fun! We also celebrated Maya's second birthday, had Jason's parents come to visit for Maya's party, had an awesome time at house church, and are loving that my second trimester is here. Gone with the nasties, here with the fun!
Playtime with Dada
Reagan and Uncle Chris

Look at this smile!
Walking with Pops
Eating wears me out!

Historical moment captured!
Jeff, Mike, and Joey watching Aaron and Kimmy as man and wife

Maggie rocking her niece to sleep



Mags said...

You are quite the photographer! I am impressed:) We had a great visit with you.I am sososo thankful you are finally in your second trimester! Yeah for no more tummy troubles!! We love you so much!

brandi nicole said...

i miss you & it makes me smile that you took a picture with reagan & sarah palin. :)

glad to see that things are well with the wings! love you guys!

ps. how is the naming of the new baby going? anything decided yet?