Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A moment to brag

I just need a brief moment to brag on Reagan. It's been crazy around our house these past few days and with all the excitement of vacation, packing, unexpected joys, and whatnots--Reagan has been in a constant state of bliss. It's been delightful! She has learned how to wave repeatedly, and clap when we ask her to, put her arms up when we say, "up!", and gets so excited when we say, "let's go see the duckies!" It really has been so great. I must say parenting has become much easier the older Reagan gets. OK--thanks for that moment of bragging.

Tomorrow morning at oh, 7:15am we are leaving for South Carolina. We are going to spend a few days at Aunt Bonita and Uncle Henry's house for a humungo Hamilton Family Reunion (dearly nicknamed "Hamfam"). All the cousins and their little ones will be there, with their spouses and baby on board, and Mike and Maggie will join us all the way from Boston! Looking forward to the Ham Fam talent show in which a Flight of the Conchords song will surely be performed. You tube them if you can--Flight of the Conchords--Jenny. You won't regret it and you'll laugh hysterically! I digress. Then my parents, Becca, Jason, Reagan, and I will head to S. Myrtle Beach and meet up with the Barkers. I'll post pics and share how things are going. This is a much needed vacation for everyone. I'm so thankful God has provided us with a wonderful family we can enjoy. More to come...

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