Thursday, January 3, 2013

Oh, hey. It's been over a year.

It's been over a year since I've posted.  Well over a year.  What got me back to my blog today?  This morning I was talking with Jason and he mentioned that he'd like us to read books together this year.  He had this lofty goal of reading sixty books last year.  He ended up reading twenty.  That's nineteen more than I read.  The only book I read and finished was What to Expect When You're Expecting.  And because anyone reading this probably reads my Facebook status you already know that we added our third child to our family (in March).  Hence the pregnancy book reading and near memorization of said book.  And about our third child, he is awesome; more on that soon.  Back to Jason, he mentioned that reading together would be a great idea and I agreed.  There are four books I'd like to read and have finished by February.  All are relevant and would be helpful to my family and I.  Then I mentioned I'd like to start blogging again.  He supported and said he'd even like to blog again, too.  So while my oldest kiddos played, colored, danced, "imaginationinged", snacked, and fought as my youngest took an unusually long afternoon nap, I tweaked my blog.  And I'm so glad I did.  It's nice to be back.

Life is flying by for me.  All those parents who said, "oh, honey.  Time flies.  Soak up your kiddos and all the time you have with them while you can" were right.  My days go by so fast--so fast that it's usually 1 or 2 before I even have the time to brush my teeth.  I know, gross.  So with life flying by so fast that I can't brush until it's officially post-meridian, I thought life and it's happenings need to be captured via this blog.  A little note about this blog:  I'll be honest about life, my heart, my walk with the Lord, how parenting is going with it's joyous moments and heart-breaking moments, what I'm reading, what is influencing me, even details about the flavored coffee I'm drinking.  I'll share who has inspired me, encouraged me, how Jesus is revealing Himself to me in and through my husband, children, family, and friends.

With all that out there, thanks for reading this.  I'm glad to have friends and family who care about the life of my family.  We have been so deeply blessed.  And as I referenced earlier, we had our third child this past year.  Talk about a blessing!  Jonathan Rock Wing, who we lovingly call Jonny Rock, Jonny Rockerson, Jon Jon, Jonny, punkin', sweetie, sweet baby, etc., is the perfect addition to our Wing clan.  He is 9 months old and he is a joy.  He has his moments of being a total cling-on, a horrible night-sleeper, hard to please, and a very picky eater.  But his two-toothed smile that lights up a room, his white duck-fluff hair that sticks straight up, his cottage cheese-like thighs that are oh-so-squeezable, his mimicking head nods and shakes could melt anyone on contact.  His siblings are over the moon for him, too.  Reagan is 5 and the best big sister this world could as for.  Gideon is almost 4 and he's anxious for Jonny to grow up so he can play trains and Buzz Lightyear with him.  

There are so many blessings to count since my last post.  The birth (VBAC, mind you) of Jonny, my brother and sister in law moving 5 minutes away from us, the addition of their second child, Annie, a 12 week sabbatical for Jason which was only supposed to be 5 weeks (thank you, Lord), Reagan starting pre-school for the second time at Tuesday School, Gideon starting pre-school for his first time at Tuesday School, Ohio Ham Fam reunion this past Summer, Apex Xenia starting up and growing for over a year.  All these blessings didn't come without sadness, however.  My dear Grandpa passed away this past September.  He was a man of honor, integrity, and utmost character.  I miss him.  His passing has been so hard to get over.  But the blessing in Grandpa's passing is my faithful Lord using it to grow me and teach me more about Him and life after death for Christ-followers according to His Word.  

As I finish this long-overdue post, here is the list of the four books I'm anxious to read by the end of February:  One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp; a book about counting blessings in any and all things, Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon; a cookbook that challenges the politically correct view of nutrition, Interior Wisdom by Leah Richardson; an interior-design book that teaches you how to make your home comforting and stylish while challenging the reader to make over their heart for Jesus, and Education at Home by Jean Soyke; a guide to help parents who want to homeschool.  Rest assured these books will impact the way I live and fulfill my duties as wife and mother.  So, stay tuned.


Amber said...

Yay!!! Was so excited when this popped up in my reader :) Loved One Thousand Gifts and can't wait to hear your thoughts on the others, always looking for good book suggestions (that I'll actually read)! Maybe I'll resurrect my blog one of these days. Excited to read your updates!

Jessica Eversoll said...

So glad to be able to read about the Wing household since we very rarely see any of our Ohio church family. I have also been wanting to blog, so this is an encouragement! Love and miss you all!

Amy said...

One Thousand Gifts is a great book! I read it last year it was life changing. I also like the idea of you and Jason reading books together. Rob and I have don it twice now and it has been great for us.
Glad you are back in the blogging world. It is tough to consistently stay in, especially with small kids.
Oh, and trust does go fast. Too fast. Mine are 9 and 6, in all day school, and getting too big! Enjoy every moment...even the fights. (Mine are fight now...awesome!)