Friday, December 31, 2010


My high hopes for Christmas-time blogging were defeated.  Totally by self.  With 2011 less than 11 hours away, here are some things I'm looking forward to beginning tomorrow morning:

  • having quality time in God's Word (book of John) and in prayer
  • being faithful to healthy menu planning
  • being faithful to exercising (p90x)
  • setting some moments aside to have quality time with Reagan and Gideon together and individually each day
  • de-decorating Christmas stuff
  • deep cleaning carpets and washing couch cushions and seat covers
By God's grace, 2011 will be the year we:
  • get pregnant with Wing baby #3
  • buy a mini van without a loan
By God's grace, Jason and I will be celebrating our 5 year anniversary January 28.  Looking forward to 2011 and all God has in store for us and for those He's divinely placed in our lives.


MTH said...

Rock on. Love you. Great spending time with you last week!

Maggie said...

Can't wait to go on the 2011 adventures with you Wingy's! Miss you already Sis!