Sunday, September 19, 2010

Summer 2010

Reagan and Gideon have grown up so much these past few months.  I'm amazed by how many small phrases Reagan has learned.  She'll say things like, "Mommy, I just can't clean up the playroom right now.  I have to watch my show."  Or, "Gideon, that's so nice of you!  Thank you for sharing--you love me so much."  She's understanding more than sentence structure.  She's learning everyday things, lies, truths, manipulation, how to serve, etc.  I'm watching the battle between good and evil play out in her.  We are born into sin, until God's grace and salvation is revealed, understood, and accepted by us (as ordained by God).  And since Reagan is yet to be saved or even see or understand her need for a Savior, I'm witnessing her need for the Lord each day (the saved need Him each day, too!).  Anyways, seeing her battle with her own sin is quite revealing.  The days of temper tantrums and selfish behavior she had before she could reason or justify her actions are long gone.  It's interesting to see her battle it out--respect/disrespect, obedience/disobedience, kindness/selfishness.  As her mother I want to be there to correct her (in a non-nagging manner) and I do that often.  I also end up nagging her and end up asking her to forgive me.  Anyways--my point is, I'm not always correcting anymore.  She's learning to self-correct and re-direct her thoughts and motives which in turn produces a changed attitude.  While Christ isn't in her yet, she's learning what is right and wrong and how she can please Jesus in the mean time.  And by "in the mean time" I'm referring to the time between right now and the day she is called into Christ's Kingdom through God's grace and Jesus' salvation.  

Sweet Gideon is a charmer.  His dimples and his cute little run make my heart burst with joy.  He's saying so many words these days.  And as much as I love his words, his tone and inflection are what really get me.  Most heard words lately:  bankie (blankie), vimaminmin (vitamin), dee-dee (candy & cookie), dooce (juice), megan (Reagan), e-uh-nuh (all done), mo (more), deese (cheese), apple, a-nana (banana), gate, potty, ah-ee (paci), and many more!  He's a trooper and a stud.  He falls down so many times a day and he rarely whimpers.  He's climbing, jumping, bouncing, and he's all boy.  I love that I have such an all-terrain little boy and a prim and proper and high-maintenance girl.  They are so different but they love each other dearly.  I've enjoyed watching the sister/brother bond grow stronger this Summer.  Their fighting and lack of sharing has been less than acceptable and, oh, do they hear it from me!  But on the flip side, their growth in love for one another has spoken so much to me.  

Looking forward to Fall and all that the Lord has in store for our family.  :)

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Lisa said...

i second all the above. they are a blessing to this grammy for sure. you're doing a great job with them. it's not easy being a good mom.