Sunday, May 2, 2010

Up and Running

Do you ever have one of those tasks that you keep avoiding because you know it will only discourage and frustrate you? My task that haunted me for almost 4 months, yes--1/3 of a year, was getting this blog back up and running. And all it took was a little motivation to face my fear and finally do it. Amazingly, it didn't take me 4+ hours to fix, merely 30 minutes. Guess all I really needed to do was read some instructions. Sometimes things can be so easy when you remove yourself from the situation for a time and come back to it. Although stepping back for 4 months is a little extreme. So, I'm glad this is working again. I have so much to share! Reagan and Gideon are my joys and I couldn't be more grateful that the diary of their childhood (via blogging) is back in full swing. Here are some highlights from the past 1/3 of our year:
  • Jason and I celebrated 4 years of marriage January 28 **love you, J.Wing!**
  • Gideon turned 1 February 25
  • Gideon had some health scares and had ear tubes put in March 3
  • (He's now been healthy for 4 weeks in a row, progress is before us!)
  • My nephew, Jonah Michael Hamilton, was born March 18. He's a stud.
  • My old roommate from Cedarville got married and I was reunited with my old "Preddies" March 27
  • I turned 27
  • Jason turned 33
  • Jason completed his extreme P90X workout program and lost 18 lbs.!
  • My nephew, Gibson Jude Wing, turned 5. Also a stud.
  • My sister, Rebecca Hamilton, starred as Lady Capulet in her High School's Spring play
  • Our Hamilton family reunion brought my sis-in-law, Maggie Hamilton, to Dayton with sweet baby Jonah. It was a surprise and it was pulled off wonderfully!
  • We enjoyed spending time with Bubba, Uncle Alan, Lydia, Eric, Elijah, Haven, baby in Lyd's belly, Abigail, Joseph, Bella, Miles (in Ab's belly), Michael, Maggie, Jonah, Mom, Dad, & the star of the weekend, Rebecca

And now that this blog-savvy girl is back on track, you'll be seein' more of us! Soon!


Marisa said...

Yea!!! You are back!

Traci said...

It's good to have you back. I'm trying to get more posted on my blog as well, so I understand! Love you, sister!