Sunday, September 20, 2009

Silas AND Hamlet!!

Yesterday we had the honor and blessing of meeting Silas Yegermal Wing! Jason picked Phil, Amber, and Silas up from the Columbus airport while the rest of the family waited at Phil and Amber's house for their arrival. Phil and Amber requested Gibson and Maya be on the front porch waiting for them to pull up with baby Silas in tow! After the family of five reunited in the front yard, we were able to greet them as they walked into their home with sweet Silas. Phil's parents were there, as well as Amber's parents, sister and her family, and the Zeunes joined us later. It's so neat to see how the Zeunes have walked through this entire process with Phil and Amber as they have a 16 month old son, Mathios, who is recently adopted as well and was only 4 beds away from Silas back in the transition home in Ethiopia. How great is that! Best friends adopting together and their babies growing up together. The cousins played together for a while then we had a fantastic dinner which consisted of my favorite, Marco's pizza, and lots of desserts. The carrot cake and chocolate chip cookie bars were delightful. Silas was tuckered out and went to sleep at 6:30, just before we decided to leave and give the new family of 5 a much needed break and some space.

I'm such a proud aunt of Silas Hamilton, too!). Yep-you heard it right...I'm going to be an aunt to Mike and Maggie's baby due April 2! :) Maggie is just over 11 weeks pregnant. Thank you, Lord, for the blessing of babies!!

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M.EJAZ DOGER said...

Hi Dear
I see your belog and profile .Ur baby is so cute .So my all pray for u and your faimly.

Note:- i m new comer in the world of BELOGG.

Take Care