Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Haunted Tree

We have this tree in our backyard that is wonderful in the Spring and Summer! It blocks out lots of sunlight, which in turn reduces our electric bill thanks to the AC not running as much. It has beautiful leaves which makes any seasonally-depressed Ohio resident smile. However, when there's a storm like last September's wind storm, or an ice storm, or any sort of weather bearing winds over 10mph, we start to worry. This old tree is so tall and has so many branches that other branches grow from...and to summarize, it becomes a danger when wind is involved. All that to say with the wind storm we had a few days ago, some big limbs snapped and landed in Kendall's back yard (again) and on our garage. I called the City of Dayton to say one of their trees has landed on private property and to please come fix it. (I didn't know it was a City of Dayton tree, but Dad advised me to just say it to get them out here quicker. And within two hours they were here with a crane and cherry-picker!) Here are pics from the big event!

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Rosemary said...

What a huge tree.No wonder the city came to look at it immediately.