Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Praise! Praise!

We all know the housing market isn't doing so well. And the housing market in the Washington D.C. area has been hit especially hard this past year. Despite the woes of many a seller God has answered a very big request! My parents put their Fairfax, VA home on the market three days ago and have already had two offers. The first couple to offer accepted my parents' counter-offer and things are a go! Who would have ever thought this would happen so soon! Now they need to get it inspected and then negotiations will continue from there. Hooray for buyers!

Now, if we could only get Phil and Amber's house to sell so they can move to the Big Monte...

Thanks, Lord!


Scott said...

Hey Rachel, it's good to see you've come to join the blogspot world. Reagan's pictures are so cute on the last post. Keep them coming for us Michiganders.

I'm glad to hear the great news about your parents house selling so quickly.

Tell Jason and Reagan I said hello, and we miss you all.

-Much love from the north.

Mags said...

Rach- I love the new blog. Mike and I agree Reagan gets more and more perfect with every picture! We are praying for you and Wingman. Thanks for keeping us in the loop! We love you!

Matt and Traci said...

Hi Rach,

I hardly ever leave comments. I read blogs all the time yet am one of those who doesn't leave comments, so I'm trying to get better at it! Great news about your parents' house! My dad and stepmom lived in Fairfax, how funny! Thanks for sharing your new blogspot. I do hope motherhood is going well for you. Give Reagan a kiss for me!
:)) Traci